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International Political Forum, The IPF

The IPF empowers the next generation of journalists to tell the stories that they think should make it onto the news agenda.

In a world where the media is run by a select group of people, the IPF is here to put the power back in young people’s hands. We aim to give all our contributors the guidance they need to tell the stories they care about – and do so in a way that grabs the attention of people around the world. The IPF believes that everyone has an important story to tell. We want to enable young people to find and tell these stories.

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Learn How to Take Your Business to Africa

Business in Africa Pays is a series of conferences, exhibitions and trade missions each with a specific sub-Saharan country focus. Their events have been created to highlight the opportunities available to the socially conscious and the business minded who want to be at the forefront of a volume of growth that has never been seen before.

For further information about Business in Africa Pays, please visit their website.

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