Chale Wote 2016: Special Highlight on Trotro Vibes

The climax of the fourth edition of the Chale Wote (meaning "friend, let's go" from the Ga language) Street Art Festival was held in Jamestown , in Accra on Sunday.

As part of the various activities which took place that day such as painting, graffiti, photography, interactive art installations, walking tours, dance, film shows, fashion parades, live music performances, among others, Trotro vibes swept the atmosphere with poetry, spoken word and some good music.

Should Africa Leave The International Criminal Court?


On 21 October, South Africa announced its decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court. The legal reason given is that the requirements of the ICC are in conflict with SA's obligations under the Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges Act, which requires it to protect African Heads of State on its soil. The unsaid political reason is the long standing claim that the court is biased against African states, which seems plausible given that all the 39 individuals prosecuted so far are African. Is Africa really being targeted? 

Africa Centre’s new home in Southwark increases its size to modern spaces with ambitions to launch its ‘Creative Hub’.

new archesThe Africa Centre

Relocated in Southwark since October 2015, the Africa Centre is now opening two additional spaces directly behind its ‘new home’ at 66 Great Suffolk street, with the ambition to establish a vibrant and financially strong ‘hub’ that brings together creatives and entrepreneurs from the African Diaspora as well as entrepreneurs with African related interests or projects. 

Zuriel Oduwole - Building a Powerful Coalition of Female World Leaders

Zuriel Oduwole

Following her debut in the United Nations last month, where she made her mark among several world leaders on the issue of climate change, and its effect on the education of children in low level areas of the Pacific Region, Zuriel has slowly begun to build a powerful coalition of female world leaders.

America Decides...

super tuesday 2

November 8th is only a few days away.  Over the past 12 months or so, we have seen an American election campaign like no other.  The reality of a Trump victory becomes closer as both candidates are now neck and neck in the polls.

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