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AfricaOracle is a media company founded by Joyce Sarpong. The company has grown into a media organisation that provides media coverage on a wide range of topics such as the arts, business, culture, economy, science, technology and travel. Our main purpose is to address the reality / perception gap that exists about Africa by providing narratives and valuable information on Africa and its Diaspora.

What we offer

We offer a range of services from copywriting to digital marketing and you can view our services in more detail on our Portfolio and Services pages.

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Africa 2020 is an online magazine that provides an informed narrative on Africa that focuses on "2020 vision" with the objective of addressing the perception versus reality gap. 

Currently the magazine is published weekly and each issue contains carefully curated news, sports, travel, business, insights, lifestyle, arts & culture.

Feedback on Africa 2020

"Wow, this is brillant! There is so much content in the magazine. In fact it should be called PanAfricaOracle-as it covers gives so much information countries in Africa."

"Bravo ! You should be very proud, this is brillant. I am an avid reader of magazines and supplements-I am your target reader."

"Current, relevant, glossy ( I love the images ) and youthful ( I love the youmg and warm and comfortable spirit)."

"I think is a really important as it hightlights things that many westerners do not know or think about when the think about Africa!"

Welcome to Africa Oracle

Welcome to Africa Oracle

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