Chale Wote 2016: Special Highlight on Trotro Vibes

The climax of the fourth edition of the Chale Wote (meaning "friend, let's go" from the Ga language) Street Art Festival was held in Jamestown , in Accra on Sunday.

As part of the various activities which took place that day such as painting, graffiti, photography, interactive art installations, walking tours, dance, film shows, fashion parades, live music performances, among others, Trotro vibes swept the atmosphere with poetry, spoken word and some good music.

On the road again
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This initiative by Tyba Poetry, in collaboration with Worldreader, a non profit organization, is a literacy campaign that seeks to educate and inform Ghanians about vital social issues that pertains to human interest and also instigate the habit of reading in the younger generation.

On the day of the event, a minibus covered in colorful graffiti with the words "Trotro Vibes" sprayed on the car was parked in front of the Brazil House in Jamestown.

Talented artists boarded this bus and begun to perform various genres of music and poetry to the people gathered around the place.

In addition to this, an open mic session was held to provide the opportunity for upcoming artists to share their work with the audience.

William Du Bois, the brain behind this movement, reveals that the reason for using a "Trotro" (the common name Ghanaians give to vans or transport buses):

"We chose to use trotro because it's a basic means of transport and it will aid us in reaching a larger and different kind of audiences", he said.

The appearance of guitarist and musician, Foster Enoch Doe, stage name, Six Strings, at the program is something the audience would treasure as they all clapped and danced to his popular song "Sobolo".

The Chale Wote Street Art Festival challenges both artists and community-based audiences to connect through art. And Trotro Vibes certainly counts as an excellent way to bring budding poets and other talented individuals together to network, as well as help to develop the art industry.

Written by: Tryphena Lizzert Yeboah.

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