Becoming an entrepreneur is now a viable and career option.
Start-ups are the way forward and are being created by people with a vision. Some of the hurdles are well understood, but often the solutions may be simpler than we think.

Why Entrepreneurship

A growing youth population, especially in Africa (which will have the largest workforce globally by 2045, surpassing China and India) means that job creation is one of the greater socio-economic challenges in the world today.

Entrepreneurship, be it Small and Medium Enterprise Entrepreneurship (SME) or Innovation Driven Enterprise Entrepreneurship(IDE) are the drivers of growth in economies as they absorb people from the labour markets.

We at AfricaOracle are passionate about entrepreneurship and see it as a way to bring hope and pride, harness creativity and innovation and create the jobs for the youth.

AfricaOracle works with clients as a personal and trusted advisor, providing guidance in the process of entrepreneurship and looking at ways to identify and coordinate resources to develop opportunities and build knowledge and confidence.

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Business Development

At AfricaOracle we aim to enhance the knowledge of business development in order to have a positive impact on the world’s greatest challenges.

We’ll help you bring new ideas to life, create business plans and implement initiative and ensure that your actions and activities align with your strategic goals and objectives.

Founder and Managing Director of AfricaOracle, Joyce Sarpong, has nearly 20 years of experience in business development . Joyce personally oversees all client work, and when needed, additional support and skills are provided via AfricaOracle’s global network of trusted associates.

Our flexibility enables us to help out on both small projects as well as longer-term initiatives, and we can also act as an ongoing resource or a form of light support for your team or solo staff member.

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Featured Stories

When we look at entrepreneurs,  there are a number of factors that determine the success (or otherwise) of their business ventures. The journey from passion to a technology or an idea and the creation of an enterprise requires a number of factors from the founder(s) and team  including: knowledge, capability, connections, financial assets, brand recognition, past work experience, passion, perseverance and commitment.

Storytelling enables us to shine light on these key success factors, showcase successful entrepreneurs and encourage others on their entrepreneurial journey.

At AfricaOracle, we are inspired by the innovation and impact made by successful entrepreneurs, and will be drawing on their works and stories to provide some additional insights through our featured stories.

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