We collaborate with you to co-create desirable solutions that are innovative and align with your strategic objectives

We Serve our Clients

We understand seek to understand and respond to your needs in order to scope your requirements prior to embarking on the co-creating transformational and cultural change with impact.

We will collaborate with you to bring your new ideas to life and ensure that your actions and activities align with your goals and objectives in order to bring about your strategic objectives and make the changes you require to happen.

Our services range include:

  • Business consultancy and advice on (e.g. on strategy, diversity and inclusion initiatives)
  • Creative and innovative marketing strategies
  • Project management and implementation


Training, Tours  & Events

AfricaOracle conducts bespoke training workshops to for capacity building to educate and empower you and your team.

We also provides internship opportunities to students. An internship with AfricaOracle enables students to develop their knowledge of Africa and provides them with an opportunity to contribute towards building a positive brand image of Africa.

  • Capacity building programmes (and knowledge transfer post projects)
  • Training programmes (both virtual an in-person)
  • Cultural awareness
  • Experiential marketing (e.g. virtual tours)
  • Network methodology
  • Diaspora engagement events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Work experience / internships

Our founder, Joyce Sarpong, is an engaging, informative and entertaining trainer and speaker. If you are interested in our training programmes or would like to invite her for a speaking engagement at your event, please get in touch.



Africans have a great oral and storytelling tradition.  Our lives, our relationships, our cultures are built by many stories yet society often over generalises Africa, its people and cultures with stories of what’s not working.

“Until lions have their own storytellers, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter” ~African proverb

Until these lions start to write or are written about, we may be left with the impression that only the hunter is succeeding.

At AfricaOracle, we narrate stories to amplify the voices of Africa and its diaspora by celebrating people who have made an impact, such as: our  “ambassadors”,”heroes” and “leaders.”

Additionally, to expand our reach, we created the publication. The publication is a community of writers who share and amplify stories to provide insights and different perspectives about Africa. Click here to read more about how to write your own stories and contribute.