VR Tours

We co-create virtual experiential engagements that are educational, promotional, memorable and meaningful.

At AfricaOracle, we believe in real experiences and hope that these will resume soon. We also feel that virtual experiences can compliment physical ones as a means of giving a taster for the real thing.  However, waiting to return to normal (pre-COVID-19) is not an option.

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Traveling is always new experiences. With immersive tools has a great potential to enhance travellers’ experiences.

What’s more, immersive technology in tourism comes very handy for tour agencies and their marketing. These agencies have tons of paper brochures and travel catalogs. Therefore, possibilities of using immersive technologies in place of print media are virtually endless. With immersive technology marketing you can provide valuable information to prospective travellers and and help them to search and plan their holiday and make the final decision quicker.

Once on holiday, immersive technology can be beneficial to tourists in a number of ways, by providing apps for:

  • Hotel tours, booking

  • Accessible travel information guides

  • Translations

  • Advanced navigation

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