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We co-create virtual experiential engagements that are educational, promotional, memorable and meaningful.

AfricaOracle is a business consultancy that works at in the intersection between education, technology and user experience.

It is our belief that immersive technology has the ability to transform the way we live, learn and work, transends geographies and accelerates learning. This is why we are passionate about using immersive technologies for experiential learning.

We combined 360-degree video footage of the Chale Wote festival with digital assets to interactions to create an immersive experience.

This immersive learning experience was developed in collaboration with the Kingston University and led by AfricaOracle.

To experience our concept, check out our recent work with the Chale Wote festival in Ghana via our  360-degree virtual reality video opposite.


Well done, I’m looking forward to exploring this VR platform.


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We were the runner-up team in the “Internet of Things” category in the Bright Ideas competition; which is an achievement in itself since there were over 900 applicants. So proud to have been part of this diverse woman lead team!


Team MemberAfricaOracle / VR Tribe

Wow! Please send me the link.  Looking forward to exploring.


Head/Trade & InvestmentGhana High Commission, London
If you’re looking to create bespoke virtual learning experiences, do get in touch.
Virtual Reality-based Experiential Learning

What if you could provide employees with hands-on training in a safe virtual environment, where they think and behave like they would in the real world? What if you could build people’s confidence and skills at the same time? What if you could improve knowledge retention by up to 16 times while reducing training times by up to 96%? This is the power of Immersive Learning.

Immersive Learning is an experiential training methodology that uses Virtual Reality (VR) to simulate real-world scenarios and train people in a safe and engaging environment. It combines the sense of presence of VR with advanced learning theory, data science, and spatial design to improve effectiveness and user engagement. So how can you make this happen in your organisation? This requires organisations to focus on the business case internally and using a methodology (see below) for scaled deployment.

Delivering ROI: The business case for VR-based Experiential Learning

Virtual Reality-based training allow organisations to carry out training with better results by making the learning experience cost effective in the long-run.So how can you make this happen in your organisation?

Immersive & Interactive Simulations

Increasing engagement & leads.


Realistic Simulation Environment

Activating neural pathways in the brain that’s akin to memory and brings about change.


Realistic Emotions

Mimics the effect on our senses of ‘real life’ and creates an emotional response.


User-centred Training

Training for sufficient learning at the time and point of need.


Real-time Feedback

Enabling learners to make decisions like in the real world to accelerate proficiency.


Performance Analysis

VR system is synced to the movement of the user to enable delivery of  unique actionable data and insights.


Individualised Training

Learner access virtual training and is serviced without the need to be trained by an instructor.   Reduces the number of people involved.



Cloud-based VR simulations can be scaled for global solutions and different locations, thereby making it cost-effective,


Future Proof

Software and hardware devices are designed to be used in the future.


Looking for more information about VR training? Download our white paper.
Meet the team

Our AfricaOracle team is a collective of independent freelancers, academic researchers, user experience researchers and consultants, creative developers and designers.  Together, they represent our ecosystem of a network of people who of experience working with public, private and academic organisations, leaders and people.   A supportive collaboration working to scale useful change.

We work alone, paired up or in small teams, depending on the purpose to address.  We are independent and diverse, yet are united by similar values and purpose.  We come with our own skills, knowledge, strengths, experience and energy. 

At AfricaOracle, we custom build our project teams to address the problem to solve. This allows us to be agile and serve as widely and as usefully as we can, with our broad range of experiences. 

Delivering the VR Training are the following business experts, affiliates and partners:

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