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A Word from our Director, Joyce Sarpong

AfricaOracle is a media company founded by Joyce Sarpong. Our mission is to enhance the image of Africa by offering a fresh perspective about Africa and contribute to changing the perception of Africa.  Our man purpose is to address the reality / perception gap that exists about Africa by providing narrative and news on Africa and its Diaspora. 

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    Why Us?

    AfricaOracle is an online platform where people can find valuable information about Africa and its Diaspora.

    Our portfolio includes:



    Our online platform, AfricaOracle.com, provides  editorial content covers topics such as the arts, business, culture,  economy, science, technology and travel. We provide a comprehensive events calendar of African and Diaspora events. We also offer media and content partnerships and advertising opportunities. We send out regular newsletters to our subscribers with up-to date news snips and original stories.  Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

    Digital Magazines

    We're passionate about using stories to connect and celebrate Africa and its Diaspora. This is reflected by the selection of carefully curated stories in our magazines. Read the latest versions of our Arts & CultureBusiness & EconomyScience & Technology and Travel magazines from the AfricaOracle.com.  Our magazines can be read on your computer, tablet or mobile. 


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    Our Projects

    Currently working on several projects, which I am very passionate, committed and dedicated to. Africa has a future and I am really excited about the opportunities that lie ahead; I believe, that African people as both the "brand" and "brand builders", are pivotal to to the development of Africa. With our collaborative effort between Africa and its Diaspora, change can make happen.


    Our latest projects include:

    1. Collaboration with Kingston University to develop innovative ways for telling the African story.
    2. Research into the financial needs of UK-based African Diaspora.



    "Wow, this is brillant! There is so much content in the magazine. In fact it should be called PanAfricaOracle-as it covers gives so much information countries in Africa."

    "Bravo ! You should be very proud, this is brillant. I am an avid reader of magazines and supplements-I am your target reader." 

    "The Africa 2020 magazine is extremely informative and allows people to see Africa from a new perspective. Absolutely brilliant."






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  • Agritech Expo Kenya, Kenyatta International Convention Center, Nairobi, Kenya (June 20, 2018)