Aug 05


Why History?

The question “Why does history matter?” is often asked. To arrive at an answer, one would need to understand when history actually began. Ask historians and various answers are offered depending on who you talk to, but the answer to this question should be: Now. History begins now, at this very moment. What happened a second ago is already history.

History is the huge succession of events that created us. Think of it, if you like, in the same way as you do a family tree, tracing back to your two parents, four grandparents, and so on. I would suggest that you can’t begin to know about yourself, to understand the present, the way we live and why, until you understand something of your roots in the past. 

So, firstly, the past gives the present its value. Secondly, those who do not study history are condemned to repeat its mistakes. Then there’s the sheer delight of the incredible richness of the world’s cultures. We can discover not just a lifetime, but centuries of the astonishing creations of the human mind. 

History, therefore, opens wide the doors of perception and that’s why history is so important.

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Joyce is British-Ghanaian and Founder, Director of AfricaOracle. She is passionate about Africa and it's Diaspora, Education and Entrepreneurship. Joyce is an entrepreneur and a proven leader who guides and motivates teams towards reaching their goals and nurtures individuals towards fulfilling their potential. With over 20 years experience in business, IT, consultancy and project management, Joyce has a successful track record working in the public and private sectors.

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