Learning From Our Leaders
Sep 20
Joyce Sarpong with HE-Mr-Mehmet-Ogutcu

Learning From Our Leaders

When  embarking on new business project, it is natural to research and investigate your subject matter. Maybe you need a mentor, an advisor
or someone to guide you. Or perhaps you just want to understand the market and what the opportunities could be.

There are many tools available to help guide you in business, however in most cases, someone else may have chosen a similar path and have lessons they can teach you. Conversely, there are insights to be gained by people doing something completely different, it just depends on your perspective.

Many great leaders or business people  actually didn’t start off great, but  have lived interesting and complex lives, full of experiences that would shape their character
and ultimately, their business life.  Then there are some who were always great, but took an unusual path  and made exciting but risky decisions.

At Africa Oracle, we will be delving into the world of entrepreneurship and looking at ways help build knowledge and confidence.  We are so encouraged by
the current mood for innovation  in business on our Continent  and really want to support anyone who is taking this step.

We are  also inspired by those that have come before us, and even people who are currently achieving great things right now, so would like to draw on the works and stories of and by impressive Africans to guide anyone who may need some extra insight.

Who are the entrepreneurs who have made a difference? What do their businesses tell us? Who are the ones to watch?   Who is making a global impact?

Becoming an entrepreneur is now a real option for all of us. Start-ups are the way forward and new industries are being created by people with a vision. Some of the hurdles are very well understood, but often the solutions may be more simple than we think.

Luckily for us, we are in an age where people’s lives are often recorded in biographies or other books, so we can discover their stories for ourselves.

We will be reading and discussing the lives of some fascinating people with our friends at Essential Curriculum so please join us in this journey.

Joyce is an award winning British-Ghanaian, Founder and Director of AfricaOracle. She is passionate about Africa and it's Diaspora, education and technology. Joyce is an entrepreneur and a proven leader who guides and motivates teams towards reaching their goals and nurtures individuals towards fulfilling their potential. With a wealth of experience in business, IT, consultancy and project management, Joyce has a successful track record working in the public and private sectors.

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