Jun 28

Levelling The Playing Field: A Case for Economic Empowerment

How relevant are race and ethnicity when it comes to accessing finance?

The killing of African-American George Floyd sparked protests across the word, the rise of the Black Matters Movement and the first ever Black Pound in the UK.  These events have given black and ethnic minorities a voice and a realisation that whilst that protests are a rallying call for an end to police violence, there is a need to capitalise on this momentum to bring about socio-economic benefits and equity for for black and other minority ethnic communities.

Whilst London is one of the most powerful financial centres in the world, financial exclusion remains a significant issue in the UK. Furthermore, a recent report into racial prejudice in Britain shows that despite increases in social liberalism over the past 35 years and a variation in the numbers of people describing themselves as racial



Joyce is British-Ghanaian and Founder, Director of AfricaOracle. She is passionate about Africa and it's Diaspora, Education and Entrepreneurship. Joyce is an entrepreneur and a proven leader who guides and motivates teams towards reaching their goals and nurtures individuals towards fulfilling their potential. With over 20 years experience in business, IT, consultancy and project management, Joyce has a successful track record working in the public and private sectors.

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